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Initial consultations are complimentary! In person meetings are offered in Oklahoma City, OK & Dallas, TX. If neither of these locations work for you, I will schedule an over-the-phone consultation.

What to bring to this meeting:

1. All the inspiration you might have (i.e. photos, Pinterest, etc.)
2. Have a budget in mind  (see FAQ for pricing)


I will send you 2-3 sketches of dresses/outfits based on our initial conversation. Expect to see these sketches within 1-2 weeks of our consultation. 

What to expect:

A fee of $100 will be charged for the sketches. If you decide to buy an Avari custom, the $100 fee will go towards your final purchase.


After you pick the design of your dreams, we will look at fabric samples together to nail down the perfect outfit. Measurements will also be taken at this time.

What to bring to an in-person meeting:

Shoes (if they have been purchased)

What to have for a videocall meeting:

1. Shoes (if they have been purchased)
2. Sewing measuring tape (can be purchased at Walmart or any craft/sewing stores)
A4 Pattern 2.jpg

There's no such thing as 'extra' in our dictionary. We welcome any bride that wants to be different!  

Each custom order begins with a complementary consultation session. If you are local to the OKC metro, we can meet in person. If you live further away, we can chat via FaceTime. 

After we meet, you will be sent 2-3 sketches to choose between (we can make adjustments as necessary). 

Finally, you will have 1-2 fittings to make sure your dress is to your liking before we construct your final piece! 

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